Biosport Project

Donor and synthetic ligaments and tendons

Actifit (Orteq Sports Medicine, UK) is a synthetic implantable scaffold comprised of a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer for the treatment partial mensicus injuries. It is designed to support tissue ingrowth and regeneration. 

The AchilloCordPLUS is a densely woven flexible tubular structure intended for repair of acute Achilles tendon ruptures during sport (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

The BioCleanse range of products by RTI Surgical (USA) are sterilized donor ligaments for ligament reconstruction, specifically aimed at the sports medicine market. Products include Achilles Tendons, Meniscus and Patellar Tendons.

B. Braun-Tetec (GmbH, Through subsidiary company TETEC AG) are developing a new active (in vitro) or passive (in vivo) colonizable biomaterial for partial or full meniscus replacement.

Collagen Meniscus Implant (manufactured by New Clip Technics, France; sold by iMoveMedical, Netherlands and Ivy Sports Medicine, Germany) is a biological resorbable collagen scaffold desgined to promote the formation of new meniscus tissue. The product was approved for clinical use in Europe in 2006 and is used to treat meniscal tears.

FlexiGraft tendons (LifeNet Health, USA) are allograft bio-implants from donated human tissue for the sports medicine market. The product range includes patella ligaments, Achilles Tendons, Hamstrings, Double Bundle Non-Bone Tendons and meniscus.

The JewelACL is a specialized textile scaffold for ACL reconstruction (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

Leeds- Kuff Patch is a permanent implant constructed from knitted polyester fabric. It is single use device intended to be used for reinforcement of the rotator cuff following or during repair by suture or suture anchors (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

MENISC-T (Tissue Bank of France) is a meniscal allograft product currently in phase II clinical trials to demonstrate efficacy and safety.

MPFL System is a synthetic implant indicated for reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

PatellarTape System and QuadsTape System comprises a wide open weave Poly-Tape prosthesis, associated instrumentation and optional Fastlok™ titanium alloy staple to repair a ruptured patellar tendon, without the need to harvest autogenous tissue (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

Rota -Lok, Rota-Lok AC and AcromioTape are all synthetic implants designed to promote non-tissue harvesting repair of specific shoulder injuries (manufactured by Neoligaments, UK).

TransLig is bio absorbable implant made of composite material -Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Polylactic Acid DL (PLDL) designed for fixing soft tissue implants and used in ACL reconstruction surgery (manufactured by SBM Medical, France; sold by iMoveMedical, Netherlands).


B. Braun-Tetec (Through subsidiary company TETEC AG) 

iMove Medical (Netherlands)

Ivy Sports Medicine (Germany)

LifeNet Health (USA)

Neoligaments (UK)

New Clip Technics (France)

Orteq Sports Medicine (UK)

RTI Surgical (USA)

SBM Medical (France)

Tissue Bank of France (France)


Data were collected via an online survey of company websites, press releases and other related documents Jan - June 2015. The information presented is a direct reflection of how the companies in question represent the products they sell, products in their pipeline, the therapeutic areas they are targeting and stage of development.