Biosport Project

Stem cell therapies on the market/ in development

Accelerate® Bone Marrow Concentrate System (manufactured by EmCyte, USA and distributed by Exactech, UK) is marketed for clinical use in orthopaedic surgery, especially in the repair and regeneration of bone. Bone marrow is harvested, processed and concentrated into bone marrow aspirate

Alpha Chondro Shield® (ACS) (Swiss Biomed Orthopaedics) is a cell-free cartilage implant for cartilage regeneration. It relies on the migration and differentiation potential of mesenchymal progenitor cells from the subchondral bone after microfracture.

Arthrex Angel System can be used to prepare Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) from bone marrow aspirate. The company also sell a Bone Marrow Aspiration Kit. Bone marrow aspirate (BMA), harvested from the iliac crest, humerus, femur, or calcaneus contains stem cells. The theory is that once the BMC is implanted into patients, this will generate new tissue growth.

Bio-MAC Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula is sold by Biologic Therapies (USA). This device can be used to harvest bone marrow. The AUTOSPINTM Autologous Platelet Separator is then used to prepare bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) for point-of-care regenerative cell therapy.

The Cell Bandage for tissue repair is being developed by Azellon Cell Therapeutics (UK). The platform technology uses mesenchymal stem cells infused into a biological scaffold. This is then surgically implanted into the middle of a meniscal tear. 

Emcyte PureBMC® (EmCyte, USA)  is a product of the GenesisCS Component Concentrating System, producing a low viscosity bone marrow concentrate (BMC) product with high hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) and total nucleated cell (TNC) concentrations.

The Harvest SmartPrep® Multicellular Processing System (Harvest, USA) enables point-of-care capture of a range of autologous regenerative cells including the preparation of Harvest BMAC .

The MAR0Max™ Kit (Arteriocyte, USA) provides the surgeon everything needed to aspirate, concentrate and deliver a mixture of whole blood and bone marrow.

The MarrowStim Concentration System [currently being rebranded as the Biocube] is sold by ZimmerBiomet (Switzerland). Based on their GPS technology, this system produces a bone marrow concentrate which contains both stem cells and platelets. They suggest that this can be used in a variety of indications, mostly to enhance hard tissue healing.

PROGRESS BMA Kit Bone Marrow Aspiration Kit (Wright Medical, USA).

RegenExtracell BMC (RegenLab, Switzerland) is a one-step technology for the collection of bone marrow stem cell aspirate, followed by its re-implantion. Alternatively, it can be seeded into a biological scaffold. Aimed at the regeneration of bone and osteochondral tissues.

Regenexx-SD (Same-Day) Stem Cell Procedure (Regenexx, USA) involves BMC taken from the hip, along with blood from the patient’s arm are processed and injected into the injury site. Being marketed to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis. The company are also developing Regenexx-SD+ (plus) where the MSCs from a bone marrow sample are injected back into the injured area on the same day, with natural growth factors found in blood platelets. The goal is to deliver much greater numbers of stem cells to the injured area than the body would deliver on its own.

Stempeucel® (Stempeutics Research, India) is ex-vivo cultured adult allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells derived from multiple bone marrow donors and can be used as an 'off-the-shelf' cryopreserved stem cell product. It is currently in phase II clinical trials for the treatment of OA.

TRINITY ELITE by Orthofix (USA) is an allograft intended for the treatment of musculoskeletal defects. It is comprised of an osteoconductive scaffold with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteoprogenitor cells (OPCs) contained within the bone matrix.


Research and Development

New markers and methods for the identification and purification of adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for biological cartilage and bone reconstruction are currently being explored by TETEC AG (a subsidiary of B. Braun-Tetec, GmbH).

Educell are researching and developing new products based on stem cells from bone marrow, adipose tissue and follicular fluid.

Medistem (Panama) and subsidiary company Translational Biosciences are conducting clinical trials into the use of adult mesenchymal stem cells and stem cell derived products for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Precious Cells (UK) are a stem cell biobank storing stem cells from cord blood for future therapeutic use. They mention rheumatoid arthritis as a potential therapeutic area. The company claim that stem cell therapy relieves pain and inflammation, stops the damage from continuing and restores function to damaged joints also providing long term remission or possibly even a cure for rheumatoid arthritis.  


Arteriocyte (USA)

Arthrex (USA)

Azellon Cell Therapeutics (UK)

Biologic Therapies (USA)

Educell (Solvenia)

EmCyte (USA)

Exactech (UK)

Harvest (USA)

Medistem & subsidary company Translational Biosciences (Panama)

Orthofix (USA)

Regenexx (USA)

RegenLab (Switzerland)

Stempeutics Research (India)

Precious Cells (UK)

TETEC AG (a subsidiary of B. Braun-Tetec, GmbH)

Wright Medical (USA)

Swiss Biomed Orthopaedics (Switzerland)

ZimmerBiomet (Switzerland)


Data were collected via an online survey of company websites, press releases and other related documents Jan - June 2015. This information is a direct reflection of how the companies in question represent the products they sell, products in their pipeline, the therapeutic areas they are targeting and stage of development.