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Accelerate PRP Sport (Exactech, UK) is an automated centrifuge system to process blood that can be used to produce PRP and PPP (platelet poor plasma). The company claims that the growth factors contained with the platelets can “jumpstart the healing of injured tendons and ligaments by stimulating tissue repair and regeneration”.

ACR-C Classic Kit (Swiss Biomed Orthopaedics) is designed to prepare PRP from peripheral blood.

The Allegra series of centrifuges produced by Beckman Coulter Lifesciences (UK) are marketed for their use in plasma and whole blood seperation and processing.

The Arthrex ACP® Double Syringe System can be used to facilitate the preparation of autologous PRP from a small sample of blood at the patient’s point of care.

The Arthrex Angel System is a fully automated system to prepare customized platelet-rich plasma (PRP) formulations from bone marrow concentrate (BMC). 

The Aurix System™ by Nuo Therapeutics (USA) is used at point-of-care for the preparation of biodynamic hematogel from a small sample of a patient’s own blood. The Aurix™ gel is derived from a patient’s own platelets and plasma (PRP). The product is licensed for wound healing in the USA.

The AUTOSPINTM Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator centrifuge is sold by Biologic Therapies (USA). This centrifuge is designed for use in Biologic Therapies’ point-of-care Regenerative Cell Therapy system, to separate the desired cells from bone marrow aspirate. Two ‘Convenience Kits’ are available for use with this system - one for bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and another for platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

EmCyte PurePRP® II (EmCyte, USA) is a product of the GenesisCS Component Concentrating System, used to produce PRP at the point of care.

The GPS (Gravitational Platelet Separation) System, sold by Biomet (Netherlands) uses a centrifuge to separate out the patients own blood components by their various densities and is marketed as a tool for the production of PRP.

The Harvest SmartPrep Multicellular Processing System (Harvest, USA) enables point-of-care capture of a range of autologous regenerative cells, including: Platelet Rich Plasma (APC+®), a highly concentrated sample of autologous platelets and growth factors that may optimize the conditions for healing.

MAGELLEN PRP (Arteriocyte, USA) is produced using the MAGELLAN® Autologous Platelet Separator System. The technology can deliver Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as well as Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) for clinical or point of care use.

The PEAK Platelet Rich Plasma System (DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine, USA) is intended to be used for preparation of autologous platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) from a small sample of blood collected at the patient’s point of care. The PRP is mixed with autograft and/or allograft bone prior to application to a bony defect for improving handling characteristics.

Plasmax Plasma Concentrate System, sold by Biomet (Netherlands), can be used to produce both autologous PRP and autologous fibrin glue from patient’s own blood. They claim that this can be used to seal wounds and anastomoses and to enhance soft tissue healing in rotator cuff and SLAP (Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior) repairs.

Recover Platelet Separation Kit, by Biomet (Netherlands), can be used to prepare a platelet concentrate that is used to treat tendinopathies and muscle injuries including tennis elbow, achilles tendinosis, plantar fasciitis and hamstring injuries.

Regenexx-SCP (Regenexx, USA) is marketed for treating joint pain, tendinitis, ligament or tendon problems due to injury or wear and tear. The Super Concentrated Platelet formulation is derived from the patient’s blood but prepared by a technician in a lab rather than an automated machine. They claim this higher concentration of platelets has a positive effect on stem cells for repairing damaged tissue.

RegenKit PRP (RegenLab, Switzerland) is used to process a patient's blood to produce PRP for a wide variety of clinical indications including muscle and tendon injuries, OA, bone repair and cartilage repair. This product is distributed in the USA by Stryker as RegenKit THT Autologous Platelet Platelet-rich Plasma (A-PRP).

Tropocells PRP (Estar Medical  Israel), Ivy Sports Medicine (Germany) is a PRP preparation kit, marketed for use in tissue regeneration.


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Data were collected via an online survey of company websites, press releases and other related documents Jan - June 2015. This information is a direct reflection of how the companies in question represent the products they sell, products in their pipeline, the therapeutic areas they are targeting and stage of development.