Biosport Project


JointRep is a bioadhesive thermo-hydrogel used for treating cartilage defects. This injectable implant is designed to preserve cartilage, reduce pain, and delay joint replacement.  It is implanted directly into the voids created by osteoarthritis or trauma, allegedly bridging with healthy cartilage. The company claim that it can also be used as alternative to microfracture in a proccedure where JointRep is injected into the defect site and subsequently injected with bone marrow drawn from the chondrocyte. (OglioMedic, Canada).


OglioMedic (Canada)


Data were collected via an online survey of company websites, press releases and other related documents Jan - June 2015. The information presented is a direct reflection of how the companies in question represent the products they sell, products in their pipeline, the therapeutic areas they are targeting and stage of development.