Biosport Project

Nano- Orthopaedic products

MaioRegen is an osteochondral substitute, marketed by Finceramica (Italy) developed from biomimetic nanotechnology. It consists of a multiphase gradient composite scaffold with the biologic and functional properties of both bone and cartilage to differentially support articular cartilage and bone regeneration. It has been developed for the treatment of osteochondral lesions.

RegenOss Flexible Bone Substitute by Finceramica is a collagen-hydroxyapatite composite biomimetic scaffold for the filling of bony voids. The company claim that its unique structure and chemical composition replicate human bone and promote bone regeneration. 

SINTlife Paste, Putty and Granules by Finceramica are synthetic fully resorbable bone grafts made of magnesium substituted hydroxyapatite nano-crystals. SINTlife grarts interact with bone-forming cells and promote deposition of new bone tissue.


Finceramica (Italy)


Data were collected via an online survey of company websites, press releases and other related documents Jan - June 2015. The information presented is a direct reflection of how the companies in question represent the products they sell, products in their pipeline, the therapeutic areas they are targeting and stage of development.